Uptime: 20 hours, 28 minutes
Cpu Temp: 52.6'C Usage: 1.5%
Memory: 569M 84% Disk: 43G 77%
Wireless total: Tx: 98M, Rx: 59M
Instant: Tx: 0.20 kb/s Rx: 0.80 kb/s
Station: Daughter - New Ways
Song: New Ways
Status: [playing]





- Some wireless electronics, impossible to explain right there. Combination of iot, java and python.

- Design to production; mud guard of Specialized Enduro Evo. Never done before!

- Home automation with learning artificial intelligence with over 40 strings!

- Renda Helin's web updates.

- Online stock access with full intranet push/pull support with SQL/PHP/Python.

- Software Parametric equalizer with Z-Band tension!

- Remote device access, self error reporting, self protection.

- Curved shell structure prototyping with sheet metal!


Under Construction

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